About Ulcinj

Ulcinj is the only town in Montenegro, surrounded by the fertile plain on which the high quality fruit and vegetables are cultivated. There is also the exotic Shasko Lake which is called by the ornithologists: “The Skadar Lake Miniature”. It is rich with the fish and water birds as well as Shtoj – the unique hunting event along the Adriatic coast.

UlcinjAccording to the legend from the Middle Ages, young men couldn’t get married if they previously hadn’t planted at least ten seedlings of olive trees. Ulcinj is famous for its olives, South Adriatic exotic plants and the experts for olives. In its suburb there is the biggest olive grove in the country with the several hundred years old trees…

The things we mentioned are only a pale reflexing of the sumptuous natural riches of this region the air of which is imbued with the smell of wormwood, wild lavender and melliferous herbs.

Love at first sight toward the end of the magnificent untouched nature, toward the pure and transparent Adriatic Sea has left a deep trace in the hearts of many writers and thinkers like Lord Bayron, George Bernard Show, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature – Ivo Andrich. This love inspired them to write verses about the beauty of these areas.

Come to the hospitable, wise and magnificent Ulcinj and our Hotel OTRANT!

We shall invigorate you by returning your vital energy to you and shall create the unforgettable impressions.