It is a natural phenomenon of beauty and abundance. It is 5km away from Ulcinj, 13km long, 60m wide, so the locals call it “Kopakabana of Ulcinj”.

It spreads out from Djerane Cape to Ada Bojana. It is covered with the finest sand (the diameter of a grain is 0.1-5mm) and it is estimated that its capacity is 15000 people. The quality of the sand is such that is has medicinal features. It is rich with minerals, it is good for those suffering from rheumatism and other illnesses. The Great Beach is distinctive for a long shallow belt of sea water.

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It is rich with subtropical, Mediterranean and decorating plants. Beneath the Djeran Cape, at the very beginning of the Great Beach there is a marine Porto Milena, deeply pulled in the dry land. There are numerous wooden keels built for fishing in a traditional way, called “kalimera” by the locals.

Various sport equipment can be rented at the beach. You can sail, surf, water ski, play football or volleyball on the sand, or just recreate.

Otrant BeachOtrant BeachOtrant BeachOtrant BeachOtrant BeachOtrant Beach